For Busy Professionals

Beat the #1 search result on Google metadata is a standard agreed upon by all major search engines to give content creators the ability to describe their content with more than traditional meta title & meta description we’ve used for years.  This encourages rich search results like this one:

What is An example of rich search results
An example of rich search results

Best of all you only need to be able to type and follow directions to get started. 

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The Future is Mobile Only

UPDATED: 8/22/16 Andromium breaks Kickstarter funding records, plus  fixing some embarrassing spelling mistakes.

tldr; smartphones are poised to be the main form factor for all general purpose personal computing, and that’s great.

Last Friday was my favorite human’s birthday.

Since she’s a grown ass woman with an outstanding career, had already bought what she wanted, and I am a shameful procrastinator, I was last minute buying a new smartphone at the local T-Mobile store.  An experience that makes my skin crawl, hate sales staff, hate glitz, hate the feeling I’m getting screwed no matter what I do.  It feels like Wells Fargo pushing a shady mortgage but greasier.

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16 Tips for Multi-Language Websites

Most of us in Web Dev are familiar with making CMS based websites, but adding languages is a very occasional task.  The good news is that multiple languages don’t have to be very hard, but the bad news is that each language added increases the content management task’s complexity, and done poorly translations are a budget killer.

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