Apostrophe: An outstanding Symfony CMS with no backend

Update: November 30, 2012 a.KindEndeavor.com is a growing directory of Apostrophe CMS professionals like developers, designers, Testers, & Strategy folks.

Update: January 7 2012 – @dandyMedia did a companion post reviewing the Diem CMS.

Update: December 16 2011 – The demo links no longer work for this post it was pretty old anyway.

Update: this review refers to the 1.0 version, as of Jan 2010 the new 1.5 version is available: http://window.punkave.com/2011/01/18/apostrophe-1-5-released/

Why do I care and where is the  demo:

Live demo

Link: http://bit.ly/An_live_demo
Username: admin
Password: demo
* login info is prepopulated in the login form so you can just press the login button
** The database and media are  reset at the top each hour.

Why you care

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symfony 1.3 Book by Tim Bowler & Wojciech Bancer

Symfony 1.3 Web Application Development is the latest book on the symfony PHP web framework and the first not written by the authors of the framework.

This allows the authors to adopt a more pragmatic style that favors 3rd party plugins.  This is a good thing because IMHO the most important thing about a framework is it’s library of extensions. Continue reading “symfony 1.3 Book by Tim Bowler & Wojciech Bancer”