Apostrophe: An outstanding Symfony CMS with no backend

Update: November 30, 2012 a.KindEndeavor.com is a growing directory of Apostrophe CMS professionals like developers, designers, Testers, & Strategy folks.

Update: January 7 2012 – @dandyMedia did a companion post reviewing the Diem CMS.

Update: December 16 2011 – The demo links no longer work for this post it was pretty old anyway.

Update: this review refers to the 1.0 version, as of Jan 2010 the new 1.5 version is available: http://window.punkave.com/2011/01/18/apostrophe-1-5-released/

Why do I care and where is the  demo:

Live demo

Link: http://bit.ly/An_live_demo
Username: admin
Password: demo
* login info is prepopulated in the login form so you can just press the login button
** The database and media are  reset at the top each hour.

Why you care

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