For Busy Professionals

Beat the #1 search result on Google metadata is a standard agreed upon by all major search engines to give content creators the ability to describe their content with more than traditional meta title & meta description we’ve used for years.  This encourages rich search results like this one:

What is An example of rich search results
An example of rich search results

Best of all you only need to be able to type and follow directions to get started. 
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No degree? No Problem
(some hard knocks may apply)

How to get into Web Development with NO degree and NO debt.

I woke up this morning listening to MPR reporting on 800 newly unemployed workers from the now former Ford Ranger Plant. In that report a couple lamented the end of a time when someone could get a good job, work hard, and achieve the American dream of a nice home, & enough money to raise kids and retire.

Fortunately it’s still possible to get a good job making websites, it’s just not easy, but neither is working on an assembly line so lets suck it up and talk about a plan.
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(some hard knocks may apply)”