symfony 1.3 Book by Tim Bowler & Wojciech Bancer

Symfony 1.3 Web Application Development is the latest book on the symfony PHP web framework and the first not written by the authors of the framework.

This allows the authors to adopt a more pragmatic style that favors 3rd party plugins.  This is a good thing because IMHO the most important thing about a framework is it’s library of extensions. Continue reading “symfony 1.3 Book by Tim Bowler & Wojciech Bancer”

Internationalized (i18n) Admin Generator CRUD’s in Symfony 1.2.9 + Doctrine

I was having some trouble finding documentation on how to i18n generated CRUD’s, so once I figured (most) of it out I thought I’d share it

The Example Application

Content Block CRUD with French langage selected

Since I have to create a feature in my one of my current work projects to store random bits of content, like privacy policies and such, in multiple languages. I thought I’d double dip and use that for this example.  I’m calling the feature content blocks.  It will have a backend CRUD that will facilitate translations.  The UI I needed was to have the default language show up as well as one of the many languages this information would be translated into.  My app has the possibility of having more than 20 language options so putting them all in the CRUD at once was unreasonable. Continue reading “Internationalized (i18n) Admin Generator CRUD’s in Symfony 1.2.9 + Doctrine”