Symfony refactor of the Zend Quick Start Tutorial


Learning Zend Framework and getting a repetitive stress injury doing it

Edit: please see Matthew Weier O’Phinney’s (the current project lead for Zend Framework) response in the comments, there are some exciting things comming for ZF

My friends & colleagues have used Zend Framework (ZF) for a while, and I do my best to avoid it and use the Symfony PHP framework.  Initially I was open to learning ZF, I was just curious why people liked it.  The more questions I asked, the more I realized there were no good answers other than standards for standards sake, and variations on the Sunk Cost Fallacy.  If pressed I was told that I had to give Zend Framework a chance because it is a younger framework than Symfony, (um no).  Some of the developers had even written a library to add on to Zend Framework to make it more usable, it contained features that were already in Symfony.  IMHO, writing code to help a framework catch up is an excellent reason to switch to another framework.

This last week I was finally forced to use ZF, my rebellious use of Symfony only served to annoy the other developers, and had the potential to increase maintenance costs.  It seemed like a reasonable request, and all those developers couldn’t be wrong could they? Continue reading “Symfony refactor of the Zend Quick Start Tutorial”