Apple’s got nothing on John Deere and 

I got schooled on consultative sales by yesterday. I called about a new John Deere x350 at the insistence of a good friend because he thought the x360 I was buying used was overpriced.

A human answered and quickly transferred me to a sales rep who is the king nerd of John Deere mowers, and he suggested the I get the used x360 because “it is a heck of a deal, and those are real good, we sold a lot of them.  The x360 is more like the current x390 selling for over $5k”.

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The Future is Mobile Only

UPDATED: 8/22/16 Andromium breaks Kickstarter funding records, plus  fixing some embarrassing spelling mistakes.

tldr; smartphones are poised to be the main form factor for all general purpose personal computing, and that’s great.

Last Friday was my favorite human’s birthday.

Since she’s a grown ass woman with an outstanding career, had already bought what she wanted, and I am a shameful procrastinator, I was last minute buying a new smartphone at the local T-Mobile store.  An experience that makes my skin crawl, hate sales staff, hate glitz, hate the feeling I’m getting screwed no matter what I do.  It feels like Wells Fargo pushing a shady mortgage but greasier.
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No degree? No Problem (some hard knocks may apply)

How to get into Web Development with NO degree and NO debt.

I woke up this morning listening to MPR reporting on 800 newly unemployed workers from the now former Ford Ranger Plant. In that report a couple lamented the end of a time when someone could get a good job, work hard, and achieve the American dream of a nice home, & enough money to raise kids and retire.

Fortunately it’s still possible to get a good job making websites, it’s just not easy, but neither is working on an assembly line so lets suck it up and talk about a plan.
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