What Three Twin Cities Web Entrepreneurs have in common

The EstateSales.net story is similar to the other successful small to medium sized start-up stories I’ve heard from other Internet start-ups.  

  • Rob Buntz  has a story where he was involved in real estate as a investor, then a close relative needed to buy a house and didn’t want to pay a huge commission to a agent, and Webdigs.com was born.
  • Charles Bailey told me a similar story on how he founded ResortsandLodges.com and went on to expand, through acquisitions and growth into TravelNet Solutions. He found a problem he solved the problem, he didn’t mess it up.
  • Daren Cotter this guy…ugh amazingly successful with all kinds of growth awards. Apparently Daren got involved in some early attempts at online customer loyalty sites decided he could do better, and did.  

What all these guys did was get out and participate in the community around them, pay attention, and find a problem with a magnetizable solution that could be repeated over and over, then they didn’t mess it up.  It’s not rocket science, it’s not fancy or glamorous, but it is lucrative & rewarding.

One importance difference between the 3 of these companies is that Webdigs.com has not found an effective way of communicating what they are about in 5 seconds.  In more traditional sales, a pitch is limited to a 30 second elevator speech.  However on websites I think that users only allow for more of a 5 second pick-up line.  Both TravelNet Solutions & CotterWeb do a better job of communicating to users almost instantly why their sites are compelling.

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  1. Mr. Buntz, You’ve got a tough problem.

    A big part of introducing a new product is increasing the ability of consumers to try out your product. The improved search features on the homepage as well as sample links to the right of the search do a good job of showing off the website and letting people benefit from your generosity of providing that tool for free.

    But the real hook of webdigs.com is it’s awesome value statement. A value statement that could be a huge tool for selling houses even in this uncertain time. So I think the real question is how to explain the webdigs.com value statement, then let people try it out, and get it done in around 5 seconds?

    When we go and look at the webdig.com homepage there is no mention of the most amazing thing about your business. It’s like if you went to playboy.com and the homepage just went on and on about the articles. While the articles are actually very good (or so I’m told) it’s not what keeps Hugh Hefner in fine silk pajamas.

    Or to put it another way. The homepage does a great job of showing off a cool website but a poor job of delivering Rob Buntz’s billion dollar idea.

    I know how to fix it and you know how to find me 😉

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