Apple’s got nothing on John Deere and 

I got schooled on consultative sales by yesterday. I called about a new John Deere x350 at the insistence of a good friend because he thought the x360 I was buying used was overpriced.

A human answered and quickly transferred me to a sales rep who is the king nerd of John Deere mowers, and he suggested the I get the used x360 because “it is a heck of a deal, and those are real good, we sold a lot of them.  The x360 is more like the current x390 selling for over $5k”.

Wait what?

Then he says “Now in 10 years when that thing is worn out you come back and buy your next one, but first swing on by and pick up a home maintenance kit to get your x360 taken care of, it’s just $44”.

… wat?  

So I buy the x360, and make my first visit to Waldoch Sports, and they are out of the maintenance kits I need.  Bummer, it was kind of out of my way to got there. However, they just got a box and started putting the right stuff in it and sold it to me for $41, in under 1 hour.  Try getting that at the Apple store.

Now I’m stunned, I’ve been battling enterprise software sales and Century Link lately I was just waiting for the hammer to drop any time.

So I get home and took the 2011 John Deere x360 for a spin around the yard, and I got to tell you Apple has NOTHING on John Deere. Power steering, a whole lot of horsepower, & a reliable machine, is going to improve my quality of life and productivity a whole lot more than a marginally better phone.

Waldoch treated me BETTER than I treat my customers, and I make damn sure folks are well taken care of.  It’s time to up my game, and John Deere is a level of value that the ENTIRE interactive community needs to get upto as our industry rapidly matures.

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