Internationalized (i18n) Admin Generator CRUD’s in Symfony 1.2.9 + Doctrine

I was having some trouble finding documentation on how to i18n generated CRUD’s, so once I figured (most) of it out I thought I’d share it

The Example Application

Content Block CRUD with French langage selected

Since I have to create a feature in my one of my current work projects to store random bits of content, like privacy policies and such, in multiple languages. I thought I’d double dip and use that for this example.  I’m calling the feature content blocks.  It will have a backend CRUD that will facilitate translations.  The UI I needed was to have the default language show up as well as one of the many languages this information would be translated into.  My app has the possibility of having more than 20 language options so putting them all in the CRUD at once was unreasonable. Continue reading “Internationalized (i18n) Admin Generator CRUD’s in Symfony 1.2.9 + Doctrine”

Symfony refactor of the Zend Quick Start Tutorial


Learning Zend Framework and getting a repetitive stress injury doing it

My friends & colleagues have used Zend Framework (ZF) for a while, and I do my best to avoid it and use the Symfony PHP framework.  Initially I was open to learning ZF, I was just curious why people liked it.  The more questions I asked, the more I realized there were no good answers other than standards for standards sake, and variations on the Sunk Cost Fallacy.  If pressed I was told that I had to give Zend Framework a chance because it is a younger framework than Symfony, (um no).  Some of the developers had even written a library to add on to Zend Framework to make it more usable, it contained features that were already in Symfony.  IMHO, writing code to help a framework catch up is an excellent reason to switch to another framework.

Continue reading “Symfony refactor of the Zend Quick Start Tutorial”, (with symfony inside) recognized as “kick ass” by Future of Real Estate Marketing

Future of Real Estate Marketing, a pretty awesome real estate blog, listed as one of 10 “kick ass” real estate search sites.

This project would have been MUCH more difficult without Symfony providing structure, keeping the teams code somewhat consistent, taking care of so much drudgery.

I got to admit, this was pretty cool, but not as cool as this

Happy Birthday Symfony (1st Symfony recruiter call, Zend Framework, & a happy client)

This last week has been really got me feeling pretty positive about the future of the Symfony PHP framework.

Last Thursday Erica Guay (erica D0T guay AT called me and is the first recruiter to ask me if I knew the Symfony framework. She’s got a pretty awesome opportunity near Boston, MA to fill if anyone is interested.

The next Tuesday I went to a presentation at Sierra Bravo here in Minneapolis, MN about the Zend Framework and Lucene. Maybe I’m a fanboy but it really looks like Zend has some catching up to do. Lucene is impressive and there is a Symfony plugin for it. Justin, Tom, and the rest of the Sierra Bravo Crew have already cranked out 5 Zend Framework sites but when I showed them the development environment in Symfony someone in the crowd literally said “wow”. It was admittedly a pretty nerdy bunch, when Justin (the presenter) mentioned a design patterns book he liked the guy next to me tapped his chest and made the peace line and said “that’s who I’m down with” 🙂 If you are interested in attending their next presentation RSVP here.

The 3rd thing that reminded me how great Symfony is was just today when I showed a client an Admin Crud that I had created in about 30 min. He was pretty excited, and it’s nice to have happy clients.