– A great example of a niche market website

So I was browsing through, looking for some deals.  I happened across a post for some estate sales in the garage sale section.  And this site was listed for more information.

Turns out there are companies that do a lot of estate sales, which are pretty much well organized garage sales for the recently deceased or almost deceased.  From the Story page I learned that Dan McQuade had made a little business out fixing up and selling old mixers.  

From that side project he ended up meeting several people who organized estate sales, and from them he found a under served, and inefficient market that could benefit from the reach, information throughput, and scalability of the Internet.

Fortunately his son Mickey knows a thing or two about making websites.  In only a few short years they were an overnight success 😉

Another awesome thing about this site is that they probably don’t have do deal with the hassle of a lot of employees.  Everything is probably, or should be, automated and manageable online from a beach chair in Jamaica.

If I wasn’t such a introverted curmudgeon I’d get out and find my own problems to solve and get rich off of, but for now I’ll just enjoy the success of others.